I’ve decided that Primeval was like British Supernatural. All of the stuff on her for Supernatural and how all the fandom think about the characters and the feels killing you – that’s how fans of Primeval feel. Supernatural is about a band of hunters who fight demons and the like and with each season the stakes get higher and higher until it’s like a constant fight against the apocalypse. Primeval is about a band of people who are the only people who know about these anomalies in time and fight the monsters who come out of them. Each season the stakes get higher and higher until finally it’s like they are fighting a constant battle to stop all of time being destroyed. Oh and in both fandoms shit loads of really main characters die in heartrending ways, and it’s not all about romance ships as it’s got characters of all different ages with some mentor ships and some freinamies and some just plane heart breaking friendships!

It’s like the Bermuda triangle of fandoms you just get sucked in and can’t get out with out going insane. The only difference is that Primeval is syfy and it has a tiny fan base with very little internet presence. I’m seriously waiting for it to do a Firefly and be rediscovered by internet people who never saw the original run and then it will just become this all consuming fandom. I will be manically happy as I watch all of tumblr burn with feels. 

For those who have not seen Primeval it’s basically Supernatural meets Doctor Who – it’s superwho with the same problems as the firefly fandom with it getting canceled (Twice! Then a spin off that was also cut!).


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