Teaching Mainstream American to kids whose first language is AAVE without being condescending. Very cute video and great program (in Los Angeles).

Really interesting – and it looks like the idea of AAVE being a language whose rules are being recognized and valued within the school system is starting to take hold, which is pretty awesome. Plus I like how upfront they are about how this is a part of combating the racism and racist judgments kids who speak AAVE will face.

This is great! Well done.

There also needs to be something like this for the (very white) neighbourhood I come from. Students from working-class families who do not read and whose parents do not have a post-secondary education have a harder time in English classes. These students often band together against teachers and other kids who “talk prissy". 

Colloquial English is not the same as textbook English, and not everyone grows up with the same emphasis on reading in the home. Schools need to have tools to equip kids to deal with that. 


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