Radioactive (Music Box Version) – Imagine Dragons

by JoshuaSaundersMusic

Well that took me 0.01 seconds to reblog

I imagine this playing in a brutal fight scene, explosions everywhere, smoke and debris flying in slow motion, while the bots charge into battle in absolute horror of what is happening.

This sounds so sad…

I imagine a family getting ready for bed. The kids look over-tired as their parent puts them to bed, humming this song. They continue humming softly as they lock up the house, pour a glass of wine to share with their partner. Slowly, this song syncs up to where they’re humming, growing louder and the camera pans around the house. Something’s off, but you can’t put your finger on it.

The glasses of wine sit empty on the coffee table. One of the parents opens the curtains to look out the window. You see the barren landscape, the explosion in the distance. They close their eyes, close the curtains. The song ends, the screen goes black.


The group fleeing from zombies find a safe house. As they look around, they realize that this house was not evacuated before the war broke out. There are scattered stuffed animals and dolls in the nursery, and glimpses of the remnants of the the previous inhabitants. As they check the house for danger, survivors and supplies, flashbacks of life in the house flicker on screen as this plays.


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