Alice/Hatter video (not by me!! Fix link later today)

I seriously cannot express how much of a girly crush I had on this version of Alice & the Mad Hatter.  It was supposed to be another terrible Syfy weekend movie adaptation but somehow instead it was this really sweet love story with nice art design and likable lead actors that made me swoon. It hit many of my OTP buttons:

sexy, flirty banter

dubious trustworthiness on both sides at first

two cynical people dancing around each other’s prickly outer layers

kick ass lady who drives the plot

guy is so impressed by lady that he follows her around and is her biggest fan, not in a way that he thinks he’s going to get with her, but just because she’s impressive

guy caught in the middle of war throws his lot in with the heroine and becomes a knight to her queen

guy doing everything he can to prove his trustworthiness even though the heroine might not be aware of it at all

mutual rescues

that “hold my hand and trust me as we traverse a highly elevated space” trope that’s right out of Aladdin okay

awkward shy goodbyes

guy following girl to meet her on her terms instead of demanding that she sacrifice to his


British accents

funky costumes

face-heel-turn spies

people having a balls-out argument on a beach

big finish kiss

And the beauty that is Andrew Lee Potts!

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