i should be so happy… (by Cassidy Lynn)

I haven’t seen this come up on my dash yet so I figured, okay, I’ll be the one who posts it!

Cassidy Lynn, the transgender girl who just won homecoming queen, is being harassed to the point where she made this heart breaking video — and *still* be harassed in the comments on this video. It’s fucking awful, and it needs to stop. Please leave a comment voicing your support, and help report the accounts of the hateful trolls!

The top rated comment on this video right now is asking Cassidy to kill herself — and on a video like this that’s not a laughing matter — so if you haven’t popped over to at least down-vote some negative comments you REALLY need to. There’s enough of us on Tumblr to make this transphobia and cyberbullying really seem like the minority for her.

This makes me so incredibly sad. As I went to leave a kind and supportive comment, I couldn’t help but read a few of the nasty things people have said. “This thing used to be a guy!” and things like that. It’s disgusting how cruel people are. 

Cassidy’s already shown immense personal strength by publicly being who she is and enduring all the bullying. I seriously hope people come to their senses and treat her with some more respect— she is just another girl like any of us. It’s just heartbreaking to know how terrible people can be to even the kindest of folks.

Everyone should go leave a nice comment on her video! 

I am down voting and flagging for spam every nasty comment in this thread if it keeps me up until 6 am.


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