Police Officer Fires Gun at Minivan Full of Kids

holy fucking shit…JUST because the lady refused to accept her alleged speeding ticket, it escalated to the point of 1 cop bashing a window open with his billy club, another trying to taser a 14 year old boy, and the other cop just fucking shooting into the minivan with six kids in it, OVER A FUCKING SPEEDING TICKET. HOLY SHIT.

what the fuck did they expect her to do here???

Police are ALL pieces of shit. And I don’t wanna hear about “Good Cops.” Cuz I sure as hell didn’t see any Good Cop kick his partners gun out of his hand to stop him from shooting at a van full of unarmed children.

I fucking hate the police.

See….I don’t really think this is out of order. First and foremost, he pulled her over politely the first time, like a regular stop. As he left to go back to his car, she drove away. That’s someone running away from the police. Right away, that signals that something is up and that he should act suspicious. He wasn’t suspicious of her before, now he is.

The second time he pulled her over, he asked her to get out of the car, he gave his reasoning “you ran away from me”. She refuses to get out of the car. So, when someone is resisting a police order when they are suspicious of a crime, you, as a police officer must take control of the situation. And I don’t know about you, but when my parents got pulled over, the number one thing you are never suppose to do, is get out of the car. The way the son approached the officer was in an aggressive manner. The police officer told him to get back in the car, with a tazer to defend himself from a hostile person. 

When the woman finally gets out of the car, he tells her, without touching her, to turn to face the vehicle because she was under arrest for running away from a cop. She refuses and makes a move to run back in her car, presumably to run away AGAIN.

Now she is resisting arrest. 

This cop now has every right to find her suspicious and she is a running risk. so he has to put handcuffs on her to control the situation and find out why she is acting suspicious and trying to get away.

Now the son got out of the car, and starting wailing on the officer. I don’t know how you were raised, but you do not hit a cop, especially when tensions are high and your mom is resisting arrest and the cop already told you once to get back in the car. 

Honestly I’m not surprised that the cop pulled his gun. He was resisted and attacked in this instant. He is by himself with two very able bodied people attacking him. 

He asks the son to open the door, the son refuses while the mother gets back in the car. The bust the window in order to open the door. Classic procedure with ANYONE when the door is locked. 

Now, police are trained to fire at the wheels of a car if they are on foot and the suspect is in a 2000 lbs vehicle that could easily run them down and kill them. Although yes, firing at a vehicle that had kids in it was extremely risky and I don’t really support it in the least, They have to stop a vehicle of a runaway.

HONESTLY I think its the mother that is putting her kids in harms way in this situation because she’s resisting arrest and giving the officers a reason to behave this way. 

If she hadn’t driven away, she would have just gotten the ticket and then been on her way. If she hadn’t resisted arrest, then her son wouldn’t be charged with attacking an officer. And i’m sure she has so many more charged on top of that just because she ran away from the officer the first time.

So TLDR; I don’t think firing at a car full of kids should have happened, however, the cops were protecting themselves from a suspicious and aggressive suspect who happens to be a mother who put her kids in danger.


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