okay primevamily, so this is all jackie’s fault. she originally came to me with an idea for a version of this song about cutter and connor building the ADD, but we decided it would be so much more heartbreaking if we made it abby singing to connor after cutter’s death. so this is a little tune set against the backdrop of episode 4 of season 3, just after cutter has died, when connor is working himself to the bone trying to make the professor proud. SOBS LOUDLY.

sorry for the dodgy high notes (I was trying to record this fairly quietly so my family wouldn’t storm in and demand to know what I was doing) and the blatant australian accent (whence did that come?) and the awkward mixing of music (#garageband) and the terrible quality overall. I used the backing track found here. enjoy the feels!

do you wanna come chase dinos?
come on, let’s save the day!
I think you need to take a rest,
you’re far too stressed,
are you sure you’re okay?
you used to be so happy,
and now you’re not,
but I know the reason why…
do you wanna come chase dinos?
you used to love it, chasing dinos…

(go away, abby!)

okay, bye…

do you wanna come chase dinos?
or just watch movies at my place?
I know that cutter left a job for you,
but here’s what else is true:
you can’t keep up this pace.
I get a little worried
when you work so hard
for hours and hours you try…

please, I know you loved him
but you’re just wearing yourself out
he’d say have courage, he’d believe in you
he’d know you’ll get us through, he’d have no doubt
we only have each other
it’s just you and us
but know: he loved you too
do you wanna come chase dinos?


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