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It appears absolutely no one realizes this character (assuming this story takes places during the time in which it was filmed) grew up during The Troubles of Northern Ireland.

You don’t if he’s Northern Irish. You don’t know if he’s Catholic. You don’t know if he grew up watching his people get murdered by Loyalist Protestants and British soldiers who carried heavy racial prejudice against Irish Catholics (hellooo, Bloody Sunday anyone?), who had for centuries been characterized as barbaric, racially inferior, lowly people who needed to be wiped out or converted. Attacks by the IRA, and therefore retaliation by the British, didn’t completely cease until 1998, I believe? This film came out in 2002.

You don’t know if he was an Irishman who grew up in England. Bomb attacks carried out by the IRA in England kindled misplaced aggression toward innocent Irish civilians living among the English population and Irish people were verbally and physically attacked and their businesses targeted. Perhaps similar to how ordinary Muslims bear the brunt of aggression after attacks by Muslim extremists…

You can still find yourself threatened and demeaned if you’re a Catholic in Northern Ireland or if you’re a Protestant in Ireland and some older dude in a pub in a smaller town straight up asks you if you’re Catholic or not and you’re afraid what’ll happen if you don’t lie about who you are.

You can still hear casual racism toward Irish people in everyday life and in publicly broadcast media in the UK.

You can still see and hear “Kill All Irish” and other pretty heavy anti-Irish sentiment among Loyalists in Northern Ireland who don’t consider themselves Irish at all.

Just because it now appears that the island of Ireland has been allowed to move on from war and their appearance and culture generally allows them to blend into and reap the benefits of the White European demographic doesn’t mean that this character does not have the background suitable to fully empathize with her. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, we just don’t know his story.

But I guess you’ve never been demeaned as a Paddy or a Taig so you wouldn’t understand what it feels like, would you?

don’t worry dude it’s tumblr the mentality here is basically “if you’re lighter than a coconut you’re not allowed to have any feelings and your life is automatically perfect but that’s not racist at all bc your skin is lighter than someone else’s and that means it’s ok”


not enough upward pointies in the world

plot twist: being Irish actually sucks, seriously

I normally don’t comment on posts like these but the ignorance of this makes me so fucking angry because absolutely no one in the world seems to give a shit about the Irish because we all just seem to be so happy and drunk all the time. Because they’re white, right? So obviously they have no idea what hardship means.

*bursts in* *breathes heavily* Did someone mention the Northern Irish Troubles

First of all, pretty much yes to everything about Ireland up there. Growing up in Northern Ireland, I saw the violence from all sides – my father is a British Protestant and my mother is a Catholic, so I basically couldn’t win because according to one side I was a dirty taig and according to the other I was a filthy hun. Luckily I managed to make friends with a mix of both Catholics and Protestants who all thought this attitude was just as stupid as I did, but between all of us, we saw our fair share of sectarian violence, and the Catholics, without a doubt, got it worse.

Irish Catholics were robbed of their country by Protestant invaders centuries ago. They fought and fought and eventually got the Irish Free State (now the Republic of Ireland), however, thanks to the deliberate plantation of Protestants to eradicate the Catholic majority in the North, it was left under British rule. Since then, Catholics have been murdered, arrested, terrorised, tortured and driven out of their houses just for being Irish Catholics. 

I moved from Northern Ireland in 2010 and to the day I left, the violence was not over. I couldn’t wear certain colours in certain areas because I would be beaten. I had fake names depending on where I was stopped, as attackers can determine what religion you are from your name alone (and this is a trick I learned, too, for defence). I can recite my rights if I’m arrested because if I was stopped in certain areas I could be, on the assumption I could be Catholic. I know the subtle sectarian geography of the city of Belfast because if I cross the road in the wrong place I’m in enemy territory. I have been chased by a group of forty people, throwing fireworks at me, because they assumed I was a Catholic. Police were parked on nearby streets and didn’t acknowledge the commotion. My friends and I walk past graffiti screamed “Kill All Taigs”. A fifteen year old boy who lived half an hour from me was beaten to death by a group of adults for being Catholic. For fifty years, people have been detained without trial, tortured, beaten and wrongly imprisoned just for being Catholic, because apparently, being Catholic means you must be in the IRA. 

Even now, I can’t escape it. I have a noticeable Northern Irish accent, which is stronger when I’m around people from there and is noticeable as a strong accent whenever I’m not in the country. At airports, I’m always the one stopped and frisked if they hear my accent. At ferry ports, it’s alway my car (which has Northern Irish registration plates) that’s “randomly selected” for a search. All of this just happened to me, a person who got off lightly.

If you think that Irish people haven’t faced oppression and abuse, you’re wrong. If you think that Northern Ireland is past its troubles, you’re wrong. It sickens me that this happens only a few hundred miles away from England and no one acknowledges it exists, because hey, they’re just some terrorist Catholics, right?

Contrary to popular belief, racism isn’t America centric. Just ask the Serbians and Croatians.


This.  Also, for us Italians, Sicily: most of the Italian side of my family traces their roots to poor fishermen and the like there up until just before the World Wars.  For the past thousand years or so, when we haven’t been under imperialist rule by Rome, the Muslim empires, or Spain, we usually lived in fear of our own countrymen in the Mafia, which is still quietly in control of much of the region’s economy and politics today.

Yeah. It’s long. Doesn’t mean Tumblr doesn’t need to see it. Also:




So Irish people were often treated with the same disdain as blacks. You’re the worst kind of person if this post can’t teach you that white =/= privileged.

Hey tumblr this is a good fuckin read you wanna know why? My dad came to America at 19 to escape this all. Yeeeep. It’s not played up at all and its really that bad. I really hate to be like this because Irish oppression is not nearly as common in the US but yeah

Yeah, and there are issues with being phenotypically ‘irish looking’ in addition to all of this. Remember when South Park made fun of ‘gingers’ and some kids were literally bullied to death for ‘not having souls’ simply because they had pale eyebrows and lashes and red hair? I remember being openly mocked and taunted about my skintone as a child even long before that.

Also, there is literally no makeup in the world for my complexion that isn’t designed to erase it. I’m regularly told that my freckles are a blemish I need to address by cosmetics companies. It’s extremely rare to see a magazine model with freckles (though yes, defreckling is NOT reserved for only pale people with freckles and it pisses me off a lot because I think freckles are extremely sexy across all skintones). Plus my thick curly hair does not react the same way to a lot of the standard hair products and forget being fashionable in my styling.

Also, because of my red hair I’m assumed to have a ‘fiery temper’ and have my emotions dismissed. Also, as a woman, red hair means I must be a sort of sex fiend. Think I’m kidding? Here’s just one recent example: I was having a lunch meeting with a colleague at a professional psychology research conference to discuss some collaboration. As soon as my other two colleagues left the table to get refills on their coffee, the evolutionary psychologist I was meeting with turned to me and started talking about how redheads have different mating strategies and started asking me about my sexual practices which he supposed “to be extensive and varied” even though he barely knew me at all.

fun fact;

at the height of the prejudice against the Irish in America (see the “Irish need not apply” or the “No Blacks, no Irish, no dogs” pictures above) there was a famine in Ireland- it lasted from 1845 to 1852 and killed over 1 million people (27% of the population at the time) Irish Catholics had been prohibited by the penal laws from owning land, so any crops they grew were the property of their landlords, what little of the crops survived the fungal rot spreading across the country (about 1/3) were immediately taken by the landlords as rent and shipped to England- leaving next to nothing for the families to feed themselves with. 

Of the 1 million that didn’t starve to death, about 23% of the surviving population sold the last of their belongings to buy passage to America in hopes of surviving and starting a new life in the “Land Of The Free”

The ships they traveled across the Atlantic in were nicknamed “Coffin Ships” because of the high passenger mortality rates onboard; unsanitary, over-crowded conditions on board (10 people to one bunkbed and 50 people to one toilet) approximately one out of five died from typhus disease and malnutrition on the journey over. Mortality rates of 40% aboard the coffin ships were normal.

For those who survived the trip across, their hopes of escaping poverty, hunger and discrimination were very quickly dashed. The people of America treated the Irish as a replacement for the slaves; they were forced to work long hours for less than half the minimal pay. They contributed to America’s expanding cities, the construction of canals, roads, bridges, railroads and other infrastructure projects, and also found employment in the mining and quarrying industries.

you see, the freed African slaves now had some rights (though extremely limited) as American Citizens- the Irish were “dirty” and had absolutely no rights whatsoever. Police would deliberately ignore acts of violence, vandalism and exploitation towards the Irish 

Despite contributing greatly to the construction of “The New World” they were forced to live in “Irish Ghettos” for fear of being physically attacked by Americans for “stealing their jobs” 

so yes, dear social justice bloggers- please continue to explain to me how “all white peoples hands are dirty with privilege” and “only POC are subject to racism, white people don’t understand true discrimination and suffering”

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