[TW: Sexual Assault, harassment]

It’s sad that people like this actually exist. This expired jar of mayonnaise is giving other men advice on how to harass and assault Japanese women. This video made my blood boil. He should never be allowed in Japan again, along with all the guys who were laughing in the audience. Fucking pigs.

This white man is sexually assaulting Japanese women on these streets with such impunity that he’s teaching other white men how to do the same, and it’s so funny to him. This is so indicative of white male culture and also why I will never ever date one. 

So, what’s his name? Does anybody know? He should be banned from traveling, fired, and put into jail, now. That should have already happened. He should not be allowed to film himself assaulting these women, share it with the world, and come away laughing about it. 

EDIT: His name is Julien Blanc aka julienRSD (thanks frantic-memories)

According to newdvd (thanks for your help), Julien Blanc’s information:



works for Real Social Dynamics

this is the contact information from his site:

8491 West Sunset Boulevard, #452, West Hollywood, CA 90069

+1(310) 652 0137

Signal boost this. 


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