How do you pronounce “Quvenzhane’ Wallis”?


Her mom had NO other name to give this child? Not ONE? Not ANY OTHER one?

Give me a detailed explanation of what is wrong with her name. Or is it no white enough for you? I’m looking for receipts. I 3 page essay with sources cited on what is wrong with her name. I’m waitin.

It’s not a fucking race thing, an unpronounceable name is a burden upon any person, both socially and professionally. She will have to deal with 12 years of teachers being unable to pronounce her name and her peers making fun of her. That is something no parent should inflict upon their children

she’s not gonna have to deal with 12 years of anything but interviewers and award presenters and fellow esteemed actors acknowledging her talent AS WELL AS her name and if you’re one of the few ignoramouses left thats still having a problem with her name then bitch u betta learn

The person who turned this into a race thing is a fucking idiot,

Am i hoe? Last i checked white people be naming their kids after fruit, objects and plants and y’all call it “creative and quirky” but as soon as a poc names their child something FROM THEIR GODDAMN FUCKING CULTURE and doesn’t make white people and non black pocs happy, all the sudden its “ghetto” “too hard to pronounce”. Y’all sure make an effort to make sure you pronounce “schwarzenegger” correctly, but “Quvenzhane” aint worth your time to learn.

If a white bitch had the same name, yall would be praising her parents for being creative.

Sit the fuck down and stay in your shitty basic bland ass lane and let black folks deal with anti black shit. Only person who is an idiot is your mama for not swallowing you.

love all of this

But it’s okay for white people to name they kids Pilot Inspector right or is that kid not going to have a hard time in school too

I had to bag items for a white couple who named their kid Ransom or some shit


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