My final painting from last semester’s Painting 2 course. Top left photo is one I just took a few minutes ago, top right is the one I took in class when the piece was finished. Bottom image are the thumbnail sketches and tests I did before and during painting as I worked out my composition, colors, etc.  (the right hand photo and the sketches are also posted on my regular art blog)

(Biggest realization I had while working on this that actually made it work was that, hey, there’s actually no reason that I have to make the water and sky blue…) 

The goal here for me was to combine abstraction with impressionism, with the beach/cape cod imagery in mind (in fact the little sail boat there is based on sketches I did on a beach on the cape), so I abstracted the sand, where it meets the water, and the umbrella, while keeping with the brush strokes I used in the other areas, and somehow simultaneously being focused and relaxed made the whole thing come together (imo, it’s more successful than my painting 1 final piece, for instance).

Anyway, I love this piece so much ❤


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