So the story behind this song, is heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, wrote this song for the 1991 Queen album Innuendo. The song was written about how even though Freddie Mercury was slowly dying from AIDS, he was still doing shows, writing, and making music with the band. When they were recording the song, they were worried the Freddie would not have had the strength to do the vocals, because it was getting much worse, and was bed ridden, but he recorded it, and killed it. There will be no one like Freddie Mercury. I don’t care what anyone says, Queen was and still is the best band ever to exist.

The Show Must Go On by Queen

“I’ll fucking do it, darling” he said and killed it in a single take that’s something you need to remember. This is a song that was a single continuous take for his vocals. No misses. No re-records. Not on this, not for Freddie.

I knew everything else, but I had no idea it was done in one take and that kills me.  He was so badass.

I love that I see Tumblr having this immense respect for Freddie Mercury.  I just get really emotional about it.  Like, he was Parsi and originally from Zanzibar, apparently bisexual though I don’t think he ever claimed a label(?), artistic, grand, brave, he loved cats, he was a constant fucking delight, he is everything Tumblr loves, and I love seeing Tumblr grasp that.

I’ll be 38 next month and was raised on Queen not knowing any of this about him, and I still loved him and loved his voice.  And I wish I had known all of this as I was discovering their work and falling in love with it because I feel like it would have made a huge difference to me.

So, yes, basically, let’s make Freddie Mercury one of Tumblr’s Patron Saints.  Let’s keep spreading the music to younger people and leading them to the love of someone who is surely one of the greatest singers ever to live.  And who, if he had lived, would no doubt have loved us back.

The thought of having Freddie Mercury, alive and healthy and active on Tumblr, brought literal tears to my eyes.



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