so my zayde offered to buy me a DSLR for my birthday. bc id like to be able to a) take really nice photos of my artwork (paintings) and b) take nice photos of sunsets and other things as references for paintings. high enough quality to make prints for myself or sale (for artwork) and retain the details and colors and also able to post on the internet, but i dont want to go over like $600 bc i dont want him spending an insane amount on me, and i also dont want to be too afraid to take the camera with me places bc its like $3,000 or more like asdfghjh. and i know next to nothing about cameras in terms of what to look for. i know how to take good photographs with SLRs, im reasonably certain it hopefully will be worth it and ill make good use of it. but i literally do not know what camera to ask for.

So, anyone know anything about DSLRs?


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