“I need a million people to share this. I just went on a make a wish trip with my nephew and family. The trip started with disaster and luggage and medical equipment in Seattle which finally got to us in the middle of our cruise in the bahamas. On the trip home I sat down at gate b54 Denver. United to talk on the phone. I set my backpack down beside me. There were 2 young men sleeping right beside my chair. As my call ended, my backpack and the young men were gone. They most likely got on a plane with my pack. My camera with all our pictures are gone. I don’t care about the cash, jacket, or personal items. I don’t even care about my camera. I need the SD card back. Please please mail it to my office at. Vista ideal protein, 7201 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336. This is the only picture I have on my phone. All the Disney cruise pictures, as well as my family holiday pictures are on the SD card.”

Hey everyone, if you could boost this it would be really appreciated. 

My mom recently went along to help on a cruise with my cousin’s children. Both kids have INAD, a rare and terminal genetic disorder. The life expectancy for those diagnosed with INAD is 5-10 years old. 

They went on a carefully planned and very difficult Make A Wish vacation, a chance for the parents to take a break and the kids to have some fun. It takes a LOT of work with kids this sick for trips like this to be possible. My mother, who loves these boys like they’re her own, went along (along with the kids’ maternal grandmother) to help with the childcare.

On the trip back on February 17, 2017, my mother was in the Denver airport at Gate B54 around 5pm Mountain Time when her bag with her camera was taken. The SD card contained all the photos from this vacation (as well as our family Christmas). 

These little boys are going to have very short, very difficult lives, and there won’t be a lot to remember them by, certainly not a lot of happy fun memories. My mom isn’t asking for any of her belongings back, not even the camera. She just needs the SD card. 

She’s not looking to press charges or get anyone in trouble. We don’t know if the pack was taken on purpose or by mistake, and we don’t care. We would just really, really appreciate it if the SD card was returned.

Thank you and please boost. 

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