I had a shocking revelation today that non-asexuals realize their orientation thru… wait for it… sexual attraction

people are calling me homophobic for this comic…?? in which me and my girlfriend were discussing the different ways we realized our attraction to the same sex…??

i’m ace/pan-ro and my girlfriend is lesbian like.. i’m fully aware that sexual attraction isn’t the base reason for how non-ace folk determine their sexuality, my girlfriend and i have both been through the complex denial/questioning stages that come with coming to terms with your identity

anyway i understand the concerns people are raising, because my girlfriend and I have both experienced the hardships y’all mentioned. the comic was intended more for the ace community, as having revelations about the ways in which sexual attraction affects non-ace people is something some of us experience regularly in life, because it is generally foreign to us for at least some portion of our life. i know it’s not a terribly unique or impactful comic, it’s mostly part of a personal diary of comics.

i’ve been so disconnected with tumblr that i wasn’t aware there was now concern regarding the term “allosexual” and i do apologize for using a term that is now considered inappropriate.


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