idk if this is anything relevant, its only part of the readings anyway but i was thinking abt it and..trying to articulate a thought (im white btw) abt dialects and racism and classism in response to a homework question about my “dialect awareness” after doing the readings and reading some quotes. under the cut:

it seems based on the chart that aave is more common among lower working class african americans than upper or middle class african americans, and ofc lower income = less education or lower quality education, plus aave says that to certain ppl, so then they judge them on the language bc of the connection to low income and low education, whether its deserved or not or anything, and its like a vicious cycle…or else you have to change your dialect, assimilate your speech, take on standard ame, in order to get anywhere, in order to become middle class or higher, and then you dont teach aave to ur kids bc u dont want them to have to deal w that treatment and struggle, but the assholes use those who dont speak aave being middle class as a justification for the view that aave is a lower-class thing bc they force ppl into that situation. and part of why its hard to leave low income when ur there, if you’re black or otherwise, is bc of attitudes abt the way u speak, and judging u as less educated or less intelligent and making it impossible to get anywhere, ppl shouldnt have to give up their dialects to get by, other ppl should open their minds and accept other ways of speaking – if some ppl can code switch, from one dialect to another, u can bother to figure out what they’re saying in their dialect or ask them, and not judge it negatively, and allow it to be and the people who speak it to be without knocking them down.

the examples in the last question, the quoted bits… the last one is so.. the person who said that connected a way of speaking to being ignorant, and that is so wrong. Its ridiculous, like of course it’s spelled ‘ask’ not ‘ax’, we both fucking know that ppl who speak the dialect know how it’s spelled, that doesn’t mean anything about pronunciation! what’s the problem with someone not pronouncing the s?! why is that ignorant? why can’t it just be accepted as a different way of talking, and a legitimate, okay way!? It’s frustrating and it doesn’t even affect me personally, it pisses me off. My sister does this too, like, with little things! with my mom, who pronounces things ‘wrong’, and steph wont let her hear the end of it! she insists there’s one way to say a thing, and that’s it. She also thinks language can’t or shouldn’t change but that’s a different story. she got all angry about people saying ‘possum’ instead of ‘opossum’ like, yes we know it’s an opossum, no idgaf, ‘possum isn’t wrong, it’s just different. That’s classism, and intractability abt stuff. But it connects.

The one before that…it’s sad, you can tell it’s personal for that person speaking, and its sad that that’s the attitude they have to deal with. Like, i’ve thought about it but never thought about it, and i definitely cringe at or mentally ‘correct’ (or i guess translate?) certain phrasing/words said in ways that seem ‘wrong’ to me, because i live in this society where we have these certain ideas, about language and all, so of course it got in my head and it’ll be a lifetime of unlearning and learning. i’ve got internalized ideas and they’re shitty and it’s complicated and i’m working on it. I mean, I find linguistics interesting because it’s cool to think about the how of language, all the rules and terminology and thought about it, and i took multilingualism because i know that’s an important thing, that it’s something relevant and something i want to learn about. i think i underestimated it, maybe? idk. i like to talk about myself here nevermind. uh. but yeah’s sad and i feel for this person/the girls they mention, im angry on their behalf, i want to fix it. heh. The wisconsin one is…odd, idk what a wisconsin accent/dialect sounds like, but norwegian i kinda know? it’s a little odd and nasally, i guess? but like, ‘bad’ this person says? come on, why do they think that? what’s at the root of that idea? i’m curious. im taking the responsibility to educate people and absolutely to challenge their thinking about stuff like this, they take for granted. Ah, brooklyn, that’s unfortunate. like, why do we make these connections? i mean, i know, but why. a certain way of talking and people make all sorts of assumptions, negative ones, and judgements on your person and your life and history, and its shitty as fuck.

idk! basically i learned stuff but i think i was already aware im just…more aware and ready to be vocal about it, i can articulate it? i guess? or at least try to?

but i dont wanna write all of this.

can i..tell her i dont know how to answer it exactly but i wrote a long thing but i was worried i was wrong and being obnoxious…? maybe email her?? its due tomorrow tho so.. idk

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