im glad that the disney censors have stopped giving a shit

lol it literally doesnt make a difference because theres only been like?? one or two childrens shows with central lgbt characters.

u gotta step up ur game, we wont be background characters forever

1) exactly how often do ya see characters of the same gender kiss on the mouth in kid’s cartoons, excluding for comedic purposes? usually it has to be on the cheek or nothing at all

2) it’s not HUGE OMG BEST LGBT REP EVER but it’s definitely an improvement for disney. we gotta take baby steps, and it’s infuriatingly slow, i know, but it’s still important. celebrate the small victories to prepare for the big ones

There’s a lot of messages implicit in this, too.

“Non-straight people exist.”

“Non-straight people don’t need their personal journeys of non-straight-ness to be paraded in front of audiences for them to exist.”

“Non-straight people don’t need to justify their existence.”

“Non-straight people are not abnormal.”

“Non-straight people exist.”

“Non-straight people are just as ordinary as straight people.”

“Non-straight people are not Wrong™ for existing.”

“Non-straight people kissing is Not That Big Of A Deal.”

“Non-straight people exist.”

(Disclaimer: bi peeps absolutely count as “non-straight”, whether or not they’re in a same-sex relationship at the time. Just so we’re clear.)

I’m also noticing the number of (forgive me if this is the wrong term) interracial couples there. There’s a lot of variety in that crowd, and a lot of inclusivity.

How often do you see a crowd like this in media in general? Including in “adult” shows that aren’t subject to the same level of censorship etc? What does it say about society that this is actually noteworthy?

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