Making some progress. Decided to put typing up important quotes from ch19 on hold for a bit to start writing a summary of ch16, using the knowledge from the reading without looking at the quotes or the chapter, just figuring iut the best way to simply explain certain things, including interpreting/reflecting a tiny bit. Its a rough draft, so its okay if i decide not to use stuff later, just writing it out is most important. I can also add quotes, check for accidental plagiarising, and cite where necessary.

I’m gonna try to finish this before i have to leave, and try to get to at least one of these: quotes from ch19, the 3rd reading, and/or start the draft summary of ch19, by tonight…
if i have to I’ll finish the draft of 16 and the 3rd reading tonight and then the quotes from 19 if i can. If i can get the whole thing done by tomorrow night thatll be okay….ish..


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