tbh nobody can convince me that tony didnt 100% plan on rhodey taking the suit because he was *dying* and he needed to pass on iron man to somebody he trusted. like come on, no matter how drunk tony was at that party, there was no way he (or /jarvis/, who controls all the suits and also the whole house and workshop) couldn’t stop rhodey from just… taking the suit. the fact that rhodey had access to the suits at all is really damning evidence

#that whole moment with fury in the diner#‘are you telling me rhodey just walked in there and tOOK IT? JUST T O O K IT lmao is that possible’#nat is like ‘mmmmm right? according to the databases there are redundancies to prevent unauthorized usage. interesting’#and tony’s like. ‘LONG HEAVY SILENCE. ok anyway’#AND PEOPLE STILL THINK TONY DIDNT ACTIVELY TRY TO GET RHODEY INTO THAT SUIT LMAO IM YELLING#fury literally says Tony’s been ‘giving away all his stuff’#THAT FIGHT AGAINST RHODEY IS LITERALLY TONY DRUNKENLY PUSHING RHODEY INTO BATTLE MODE I’M JUST??#’you want to be a war machine?? then tAKE YOUR SHOT!!! ARE YOU GONNA TAKE THIS SHOT???? TAKE IT!!!’#i’m fine#tony stark#james rhodes#mcu


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