Y’all know shit is bad when I have to draw a signal boost photo on my train ride to work-

My healthcare is currently shutdown for unknown reasons, and is forcing me to pay for the medications that I absolutely need or my health will be in critical danger.. The total for those medications comes to $60, a price that I can not afford to be spending out of pocket. All of my money goes towards paying for my college tuition, as I do that all by myself. My housing for next year is double the cost of what it was this year, and I’m trying to avoid having to take out private loans.
I’m currently working 2 jobs, but it isn’t enough. I’m in desperate need of money so that I can afford my medication and housing, so if people could please signal boost this post it would be appreciated.

I’m doing commissions and have a patreon(https://www.patreon.com/mickiek) that you could donate to if you’re interested in supporting me through this,

Please signal boost if you can.. Thank you so much.

Here is the info on commissions BTW http://wasserhexe.tumblr.com/post/155103885984/mickleback-mickleback-hi-im-a-college-student


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