WOW we had a rally today that was about diversity in our borough and how important it is and how we’re stronger together, and a few speakers mentioned 45, whivh is directly related to what this was about, which is our borough is diverse and will always be that way, and talking about supporting each other, and how important that will be in the future, etc.

And all 1010 news radio got from it was it was an anti drumpf rally bc two people mentioned him (about standing against the things he stands for and how we should build bridges instead of walls, and that he wont divide us, where us is the people of diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups)
Like, all they fucking got from this rally was it was anti 45. And Of Course they picked out the Imam’s speech and played it…even tho they at least kept in the bit he said about building bridges. They didnt edit it out. But come on, seriously??? Like of fucking course it was anti drumpf! He stands against all of us. There were at least 10 speakers, and they talked about the fears of undocumented immigrants, and other immigrants, and the hate crimes in our country recently and how an attack on one group is am attack on all of us. Someone even mentioned the lgbtq community. The speakers were diverse, they spoke about important things, we were there because we care and it is so beyond an anti drumpf rally but it is intrinsically linked to that anyway, but the issue is that this report DISMISSED us and the rally and all of it as just another anti drumpf rally, as if thats worthy of dismissal.

There were news stations there, we saw their cameras. But no one, not even the local channels, is talling about it, besides probably pix 11 since their truck was there.

Idk, its pissing me off. How dare you dismiss it and simplify it and act like that, superior and looking down on us like that. Whatever.


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