Do not remove the text. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REBLOG.

click to expand on images, sorry they’re phone images it’s all i had. most of these were mini ‘commissions’ from a con i was at.

So! I’m finally opening up these for commission. I had a few people beg request for this, so I figured it’s worth a try. My main reason for opening these up is for expenses, and if you wanna know more please message me!

The pricing goes as follows;

  • Licensed Characters – $3 USD
    • This includes video game characters, cartoons… Anything that is a pre-rendered desing
  • OCs and ‘Real’ People – $6 USD
    • This includes Original Characters (Animated or not) and living characters from tv shows… etc.

I will also be scanning drawings in, I have a high res scanner don’t worry. I will also mail drawings out, cut around design like seen above, for $1 USD more to total price. You must be comfortable with giving me your address if you would like me to mail it to you. I will mail internationally, but I have to bump the mailing fee to $1.50 USD because international stamps cost more.

If you are interested, please ask/message me on tumblr or email me at

You will have to let me know whether you want color, a text bubble, or a character specific icon (snow, sparkles) by the drawing. All of those come with cost.

If it is your birthday/anniversary/etc., I will do a free drawing of your choice added onto your commission! My birthday is coming up and I wanna do special things for people. 😀


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