help a stitchy


I’m on my third/fourth day/night (what is time???) of what I assume is a flu bug, so I don’t really have the energy to get into a whole spiel, but things are pretty tight for me financially this month, what with being a small business owner during tax season. I don’t think the anxiety is helping the flu GTFO, either 😛 Anyway, it would mean the world to me if you considered 

  • joining my patreon (even for $1, if only the people who followed me since I started posting star wars art got on board I’d be *golden*) …or 
  • checked out some of the ready-mades from my shop. There are arty pillows, droid bunnies, and what I flatter myself are some really gorgeous dolls. Elsewhere in the shop are listings to custom order pretty much anything else you could ever want in plush form…. or
  • Lastly I’ll open a few art commissions (click for details)

Thanks a bunch, if you can’t afford to toss a buck my way, a reblog is super appreciated 🙂


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