the other day i was standing between the inner and outer doors of a building on campus, eating a poptart, planning to finish it before leaving and going home, and i saw a lady walking towards the doors from outside, so as she gets close i thought she was in front of the door in front of me so im like oh! ill be nice! and not weird person standing here! so i push it and…it opens the opposite way. she was in front of the door to my left and the door i pushed opened with the opening on my right. she opens her door at the exact moment i pushed mine open. i halted, probably made a noise, and i hear her laugh a little (not in a mean way) and i think she said ‘oh,thats okay’ or ‘oh, thank you anyway’ or something like that, and i mumbled about not realizing the door opened that way…and im still holding my door open so im like, okay, ill just..go. avoid the awkward. and promptly left sheepishly while eating my poptart and definitely did not avoid the awkwardness bc it just made me worry more bc what if she thought i didnt want to be near her or something dfbghjasdfrgth


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