wanted to apply for this ‘service corps’ thing at my school bc like, $13/hr for 12hrs a week over 2 semesters? at places like the hall of science or the botanical gardens or the library?? like, something im interested in also being my job? would be so fricking cool. helping the community, doing things i like, being around spaces i like, and getting paid…

BUT of course, they require undergrads be ‘full time’, and when they say that they mean you have to be taking 12 credits a semester

i take 9 credits a semester, because i have anxiety and i found i get As when i take 3 classes and not 4 because it’s less stressful (but still almost too stressful anyway at times!) and that’s better for my physical well being as well (crohns disease flares at stress). So even though my school still says im a full time student (or at least doesn’t say anything about me being ‘part time’ or w/e), i can’t apply to the program because i’m not taking 4 classes a semester. even though my grades are great and i cant mentally or physically handle 4 classes at once. That’s literally not fucking fair.


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