10 Years of Steve/Tony!



The day is finally here! It has been more than ten years since the first moment of Steve/Tony, and so much has happened since then! Between the romance stemming from friendship in 616, the love/hate relationship that spiraled from MCU, the less-than-subtle marriage of Natasha Stark and Steve Rogers in Earth-3490, and many, many more.

And what better way to show our love for this pair then celebrating on the tenth anniversary of The Confession? Come join us on a number of platforms to share your excitement for this fandom!

We are having an all-day event on our cap-im IRC chat. To learn how to join the IRC channel, please check out this post.

Works for this event will be collected in the 10 Years of Steve/Tony community on AO3, please feel free to add yours if you would like. Works will be accepted for a few more days and reveals will happen as soon as we receive all the 10 Year ficlets!

There’s a fantastic prompt post here put together by the lovely garrideb. Please check it out and see if there’s something that catches your eye for inspiration. Prompts can be left at any time and fills can be done whenever you like!

We have two party posts on our LJ and imzy pages. Come check them out!

Come join us, share inspiration or positive fandom moments while celebrating everything Steve/Tony! Share the love on imzy, tumblr, or LJ by:

  • Playing in the above mentioned Prompt Meme
  • Joining us in chat or the above mentioned Party Posts
  • Creating fanworks for the anniversary
  • Telling us why you love this ship so much
  • Let us know how you got into this fandom
  • Making picspams of your favorite Steve/Tony moments
  • Sharing recs for your favorite Steve/Tony fanworks and creators
  • Sharing the best fandom experiences you’ve had
  • Sharing meta and thoughts about the ship
  • Anything else you can come up with!

Tag your works with the #10yearsofstevetony tag and we will keep reblogging until the end of the month (at least). Please mark not safe for work or NC-17 posts appropriately and put it behind a link or spoiler tag.

Let’s share the love! Come join us~!


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