I bought Syfy’s Alice last week because it was cheap. Then I watched it 3 times in 3 days… as you do. This resulted in reigniting my crush on Hatter/Andrew Lee Potts, because of course it did.

So on a WHIM I decided to check out Primeval on Amazon Prime simply because he was in it. 

And let me tell you that was a mistake.

It’s like if they went out of their way to design a character I would love.

A giant over enthusiastic nerdy puppy looking for approval from Science Dad and colleagues. Highly intelligent when not hindered by his inherent gooberness, and complete lack of game (which, dumbass, thinks he has lots of). Plus his wardrobe consists of hats (haha!!!), waistcoats, fingerless gloves, and a compass attached to said waistcoats by way of a watch chain.

I came out here for some ridiculous fun to quell my crush and I’m honestly feel so attacked right now.


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