Well, good! Because that would be outlandish and, uh, fantastic. I’m just not the hero type. Clearly.

#this is one of the best parts in the movie honestly because this press conference starts with tony high off the damn ground thinking#iron man is a superhero and he is iron man he was *just* bantering with pepper about how cool the name is and how it’s him etc#and then he steps out into the conference like *press management voice* how would you insinuate! that i’m a Superhero i mean please –#and then christine slaps him across the face with I Never Said You Were A Superhero#and we get to see tony adjusting to the schism in his image and the perception of him in real time#it’s like someone shat on his dreams and he was forced to wake up right then and there because he objectively believes the dream is#kinda fake#and he wants to like reestablish himself as a self-aware skeptic#and not as a hopeful daydreamer who until 2 secs ago was composing a superhero theme in his head#he rANTS TO HIMSELF OH MY GOD ‘yes uh good because being a superhero would be outlandish… and….#fantastic’#*shifts uneasily* i’m not the hero type; look at all my public mistakes! etc#but lmao rhodey catches the breakdown coming from a Mile like#he sees tony fumbling and ranting and pretending he’s cool! tony’s super cool about this Not A Superhero thing#and rhodey’s like. Deep breaths. probably having a deja vu to their MIT days when tony tried to turn their bathtub into an anti-gravity#chamber after someone told him it was impossible#‘oh yeah it’s totally impossible! i was just hypothesizing you know it’s ok’ tony said before almost getting both of them kicked off the#dorms over what they were doing to the bathroom (because clearly rhodey got roped into this#also they would have succeeded if not for the RA and his thing for ‘quiet hours’)#so now he approaches tony and he’s like. tony. man. Chill.#tony’s like ‘oh yeah yeah of course. i’m chill#I’M JUST IRON MAN AS WELL but like other than that i’m chill’#classic#actual footage of the universe and tony himself trying to extinguish the light in his dreams#AND FAILING MISERABLY#tony stark#mcu#favorite movie#am I making sense?? I don’t know I just love this movie so much (via)


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