hcs for jewish tony that i decided not to include there:

(note: jewish iron husbands rhfe 😀 ) 

yes, tony switches his kitchen over for passover. it’s something ana, edwin, and his mother taught him, like making gefilte fish and matzah brie, like how to read the haggadah. Out of the house he might not keep kosher normally, but during passover, he keeps it perfectly. (he has pancakes the night before it starts, though.)

rhodey is also patrilineally jewish, one of many things they bonded over at MIT. tony and rhodey kosher their levels/rooms/kitchens at the tower and elsewhere together, and they have their own little seders together with rhodey’s family every year. 

Tony likes passover cleaning, he has a method to doing it and he and rhodey play rock n roll while they move around each other and bicker over how to kosher the fridge.

he has loads of recipes from his family and rhodey’s now, they like to experiment and use cake meal instead for muffins, or put different things in the matzah brie, etc. 

this year the rhodes are joining them for both seders, and peter and his aunt are coming to one of the two – Rhodey’s niece Lila is about the same ages as peter, and they’re both geeky and smart, so they’ll get along well. And Tony and may are friendly – tony only flirts with her to mess with peter and she knows it and laughs. 


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