OC ARC Team: Part 10


“Mimi! I- Hi, everyone,” Taryn said, clearly flustered and surprised by the sudden group of people, some of whom were strangers. “I was actually just heading off to find Tina, though looks like she found be, albeit on accident. I figured out the exact genus of humanoid for the remains Lester left on my desk,” Taryn smiled.

“Oh good, I would like to see them before you hand the file off to Lester,” Tina answered.

“Now that you’ve delivered what you needed to, why don’t you come with us?” Cherry reiterated. Taryn nodded enthusiastically, beginning to walk alongside the group.

“Who are these lovely people?” Taryn asked while waving at the new people, curious to meet them.


Seriously why don’t we talk about this show any more?


there are dinosaurs and guns and brilliant effects and great characters and WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT IT MORE OKAY

Some of us never shut up about it ^.^