Tony + Faerie brush, for @thegoldenavenger (decided to do this too after all!)

from the neopets brush meme 


Finished thing! an art wherein I have @kayvsworld‘s Space Prince Tony meeting my Fae Tony! 😀 

There was an exclamation point over fae tony’s head but it looked a little odd, so it went byebye though i worry that his surprise isn’t conveyed as well without it…

fae!tony closeup, since he’s so smol:


A cutie cute Fae tony! :’D

also small story that occurred to me bc his colors : at one point he’s flying around scavenging for food/tools/etc in spring and some kids nearby see him and decide he’s the easter bunny(fairy), and he can’t bear to say no and break their hearts bc they’re SO excited and also it makes him happy to see them happy so he…pretends to be the easter bunny(fairy) after finding out what that entails…?