space ace prince tony :3


quick sketchy tony doodle based on @kayvsworld‘s post 

tony “absolutely not fine” stark deserves many hugs and cuddles *nods*

More floating tony heads, this time using random shapes and building off them (and cleaned some of them up while others are left just lines over the original shape p much)

(ft a doodle of kam’s tony bark , and also a doodled grey-haired tony with dyed goatee for kay) 

Sending good vibes from me and tony to @kayvsworld! ❤ 

I’m bad at words, but I know anxiety sucks, so. (I’ll try to find some good music and other calm stuff that helps me with my anxiety, too, if you want!)

Finished thing! an art wherein I have @kayvsworld‘s Space Prince Tony meeting my Fae Tony! 😀 

There was an exclamation point over fae tony’s head but it looked a little odd, so it went byebye though i worry that his surprise isn’t conveyed as well without it…

fae!tony closeup, since he’s so smol: