Finished thing! an art wherein I have @kayvsworld‘s Space Prince Tony meeting my Fae Tony! 😀 

There was an exclamation point over fae tony’s head but it looked a little odd, so it went byebye though i worry that his surprise isn’t conveyed as well without it…

fae!tony closeup, since he’s so smol:


@anthonyfuckingstark said: IMAGINE SPACE PRINCE TONY WITH THAT AS AN ARC REACTOR STAND-IN (like an au where it’s a necklace or w/e)

:L Yes, good, best idea!! Ahhh, or in his chest would still work – Or, imagine the benitoite/stand-in!arc reactor is actually a captured star (or stars)!! :O

I tried two different versions (slightly diff concepts as well as v diff styles… heh) bc I was inspired! 😀 

oh and – @kayvsworld I figured you might want to see this maybe ^^’ (The lower doodle mimics yours a bit re: the little planets around him, hope that’s ok??) :v