Hug time


My many artworks for team Classic for RBB 2017! These accompany @veldeia’s absolutely amazing fic Noble Metals, which you should definitely absolutely read immediately because asdfghjdfghj. It’s perfect. 

Thank you so much Vel for the wonderful story, and I had a great time working with you and seeing the fic unfold! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

My art kinda spoils a few things, but hopefully it intrigues you for the fic more than not ^^ 

(click on art for best resolution view)

I may have gone overboard on the additional art, but no one’s complaining about that, lol

And, the wonderful fic:

Noble Metals 

(canon divergent mcu au)

Summary: Living together with the Avengers in his Tower, in a relationship with Steve, Tony’s happier than he’s ever been. So, of course, it turns out he’s dying of palladium poisoning. Unwilling to tell anyone, he decides to replace himself with a Life Model Decoy to focus on fixing the issue—and breaks up with Steve to keep him from noticing. 

Steve is extremely confused why Tony’s acting so strangely. Tony Mark II struggles to figure out the best course of action, stuck between human relationship worries that aren’t easy for an LMD to grasp. And Tony Mark I isn’t sure if he can ever get Steve back, even if he survives.

This is my art for Team Fortune for this year’s Cap-IM RBB!

My writer is the amazing Woad – thank you @tinctoriawoad (it won’t tag you oh no!) for picking my art and being so awesome!  

Woad’s avengers assemble ‘verse fic Fishy Business is fantastic, and I love it! I got inspired by it to do more than the original art, as you see above!

😀 Go read it, guys, you won’t regret it! 😀

 Fishy Business

Warnings: G-Rated Body Horror/Transformation

Summary: A perfectly nice beach vacation is interrupted when an AIM science experiment leaves Tony with gills. Which might be cool under certain circumstance, except for the other side-effect: Tony’s unable to breath air anymore. The team learns that Atlantis may be able to help, so together they go in search for a cure.

nsfw cw]

stevetony + tentacles, fill for an image prompt on my capim bingo card (square Y2) 

steve is less sure about this than tony, but they’re both into it (consentacles!)